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Writing Links

A few writing-related links I’ve enjoyed recently (and you might, too!):

Sarah Waters’ Ten Rules for Writing Fiction at Aerogramme

I prefer to think of articles like these as containing advice rather than rules, but either way I really liked this one. And I love Sarah Waters’ books. I especially like her point that “novels are for readers.” But my favorite point is “don’t panic” — I’m in the middle of a novel draft right now and can definitely use that reminder.

Anna Pitoniak’s What Being an Editor Taught Me About Writing at Lit Hub

This whole post was great. I enjoyed Anna Pitoniak’s discussion of what she calls “writerly throat-clearing.” I do a lot of this in my rough drafts and can always use a good reminder to cut all of that out in revisions.

Writing Excuses Podcast Episode 10.13: Where is My Story Going?

I love this podcast. I listened to this episode the other night while hanging up wet laundry and I’m just tired enough that I can hardly remember what it was about now, but it was infinitely more interesting than hanging up laundry to dry. I think they talked about “the long middle” and genre, among other things.