One book following on another

Reading two books back to back.

“. . . because stories are how we shape our lives, and stories make pain tolerable by acknowledging it as part of a meaningful journey.”
–Beth Ann Fennelly, Great with Child, p. 202

“Because my life had no shape, I was willing to accept whatever happened.”
–Ann Patchett, Truth & Beauty, p. 6


Hatchet in PANK 9

I’m way behind with this update, but I have a little piece, “Hatchet,” appearing in PANK 9, a gorgeous print issue that came out in fall 2013.

Morphology Glitch (Now Fixed!)

My story was giving the Joyland site a hard time earlier today, glitching out for reasons unknown. As part of the problem, the story ended in the middle of a word in the middle of a sentence. (See screen shot):

Morphology cut off ending

Very suspenseful and all, very Cloud Atlas of it, but that’s not the way it really ends! The fab Joyland team got everything back on track, so if you happened to read the story earlier today and you got to the glitch ending and thought, What the heck, I don’t get it?, then go back! Read the end!