Holy smokes. Twitter is amazing. A time suck, but amazing.

I signed up months ago but never used it. I didn’t quite understand how it worked. I followed very few people and didn’t even try to look up friends. I am SLOW to pick up on the internet. Like a snail. I am a slow internet snail.

Slow Internet Snail

I decided to try again a few days ago. I’m feeling a little disconnected in San Diego. Everything is new here,  and I’m missing old friends. So I thought I would try harder to connect with friends and the writing community online.

Twitter is a goldmine! Not just for the conversations, but also for the links! The links! In just a few minutes, I had 26 tabs open in my browser with articles to read. I’m keeping up on IFOA news (the International Festival of Authors — an awesome Toronto festival that I’m disappointed to be missing). Not to mention other festival and book and writerly and publishing news.

I’m glad I set up a second computer in my office a little while ago with no internet access. Otherwise, I’d never get anything done.

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