New Project from George Murray, of Bookninja Fame

I am very excited about, the new project from George Murray, of Bookninja fame.

Read about on The Afterword, where I read about it, or check out the site itself. Or both. You’ll be more informed. You’ll feel better that way.

I was a big fan of Bookninja, and while I realize NewPoetry will be a different kind of project altogether, I have high hopes. In his opening post/manifesto/rant, “From One, Many,” Murray writes:

The web is the first medium that I know of that can accommodate most, if not all, of the forms currently out there. Through text, image, audio, video, and multimedia, as well as whatever new technologies are to come, will publish the best of everything we can find: lyrical, visual, dub, sound, narrative, formal, hip-hop, surreal, automatic, recitation, aural, slam, flarf, algorithmic generations… and whatever is to come!

The multi-media and collaborative possibilities of the internet are what excite me the most about it. I love the mix of arts that I am seeing–the people and forms coming together. I am excited that other people seem to think so too!

Plus, check out that list of poets signed on to the project–it’s a veritable who’s who.


Goodbye lunch, Hello Friday afternoon.

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