Snow Day! Means trying to be a better blogger. And person.

The city buses were canceled all day today due to the blizzard that dumped about a foot of snow on Madison and caused the National Weather Service to issue a “civil danger warning.” That means that I am home in my living room on a Wednesday afternoon instead of at work. And that means time to do all the stuff I usually don’t get to do:

  • I updated my blog header. I have a hard time getting a photo that looks good when cropped to fit the long, slim header shape. I originally had it in my head that I really wanted a photo of the shelf that was the basis for this blog (see first post). But I couldn’t get a photo that wasn’t blurry. I’m trying some new ideas, that go along with:
  • My new, updated blog attitude. My original plan, to read through all the books on my shelf that I hadn’t read and blog about them, turned out to be a stressful nightmare on my no-time budget. So I’ve decided to try a more general — and more importantly, gentle — approach by expanding my focus to include a wider range of bookish things. (I was already doing that anyway – but now I’m approving of it. An important step.)
  • I attempted to figure out more technical thingies about blogging that everyone else already seems to know how to do. (Such as how to make my name link to my blog in my comments on other people’s sites). This was a frustrating process and I’m not entirely sure that I succeeded, but it was nice to have the mid-week time to try.
  • I started putting together some materials for a writing thing I’m considering applying for.
  • I had a good online chat with my mom.
  • I had a good online chat with an old friend.
  • And I still plan to crochet many, many circles that will be part of a blanket (hopefully) sometime soon.

The snow has caused dangerous and inconvenient conditions out there, and I do hope everyone is staying safe, but for me, for one day, it means a lot that I get to stay holed up in my tiny, warm apartment as happy as a clam, catching up on the life I usually don’t have time for.

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