From The Virtual Shelf: The Giller Shortlist

The Giller Prize shortlist has been announced, and I am oh so excited (as are many others as a quick pre-work internet session revealed this morning) to see so many small and medium press books.

See The National Post article.

Congrats to the short-listed authors. Now if only I had time read all these books before the winner is announced in November!

How am I still stuck on Libra?

Speaking of libras, it’s my birthday tomorrow. Excited/concerned.

On a related note, I just finished leftover Chinese for lunch and my fortune said, “You will be showered with good luck.” If there was ever a good time for good fortune, I’d say it’s now.

Granted, it was a borrowed fortune, so I don’t know how much I can count on it.

(Borrowed fortune n. A fortune from inside a fortune cookie left uneaten by office mates, placed by me in a drawer in the breakroom, and eaten by me on one of the days I’ve made my Chinese delivery stretch into two or three days’ worth of lunches.  Destined for me? Who can say. Unlikely. Enjoyed by me and added to my bulletin board of fortunes as if it were my own? Definitely. Able to be distinguished in the future from the fortunes that are truly mine? Nope.)

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